Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Girls showing too much in personal photo shoots

Girls are very beautiful thing of this universe if they are in their twenties but sometimes they also gorgeous in their 30+ life. Pakistani GirlS is Interested To Learn French Language Speaking a foreign language is a wonderful thing,
but her wishing she was born French makes me want to throw up. desi girls coming from part of the sub

continent, Pakistan, Indian and Bangladesh are so in love with the language they French kiss the air when they

speak. Yes, French sounds sexy, but she butchers it when she tries to out-French the French. Get over it, you

know the French will most likely reject you if you decided to make France your home because you will never

be French enough—Asshole enough, that is. You could score fifty goals to get them four world cups in a row and they’ll still despise you.

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